Scholl: Every step counts

Danish Red Cross and Scholl have entered a partnership to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle while supporting the work of Red Cross.

Result of 2018
In 2018 users of the app spend only 4 months making 611.167 donations. WOW! This is amazing and we are very much looking forward to the next campaign, which is planned to be taking off around Spring 2019. Thank you Scholl - and thank you active people.

The App:

The app you download calculates your daily steps, and every time you reach 10.000 steps a day, Scholl donates a donation equivalent to a meal.

The money donated by Scholl will be used to help vulnerable people in the world through Red Cross.

The activity takes place in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.



The app is free to download and available both for iOS and Android. Look where you normally download your apps and search for: Every Step Counts

Or click the links below: 



The vision:

Scholl aim the world to be a healthier place. Increasing your daily number of steps is the perfect place to start! Studies show that by just increasing your daily activity to 20 minutes of walking a day, you can reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, lower your blood pressure and decrease your risk of cancer. The more you walk, the greater the benefits!

At the same time, Scholl also care about the health of the less fortunate. For this reason, Scholl is now joining forces with the Red Cross. With Scholl’s Every Step Counts app, you can donate your daily steps to charity! Every time you walk 10.000 steps during a day with the Every Step Counts app, Scholl donates an amount equivalent to a meal to people in need through the Red Cross. 

We hope you will join on this journey. Happy walking!

The donation:

The donation Scholl gives for every 10.000 steps a day has the value equivalent to a meal. A meal can be described as both a serving to a school child in Malawi, a food bar that is handed out in disaster areas and the seeds we hand out in areas of the world, where the "natural" harvest is failing due to drought.

The meals we provide not only help children through the school, but also ensures the right nutrition. Therefore, food is essential for survival and development.

Scholl helps us provide help to the children who needs to be fed to attend school, help to people whose harvest have failed, help to people who are left with nothing during a disaster. This way Scholl helps secure survival and development for thousands of people all over the world.

The donation will be used for activities and projects run by Swedish Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross, Finnish Red Cross and Danish Red Cross.

You can read more about Scholl and the partnership here